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Choosing Arbora means:

  • Innovation construction using CLT solid wood
  • An ecosystem that encompasses local gourmand boutiques and shops (Amour du Pain, a barber shop)
  • An urban forest like no other with conversation areas and an art station
  • High ceilings and exposed beams and posts
  • Superior performance in terms of acoustics
  • A unique lifestyle with a multitude of integrated and à-la-carte services
  • Private terraces, loggias and balconies that dwarf the competition
  • Easy access to sustainable means of transportation (self-serve cars, close to the Lucien-L'Allier subway station)
  • Superior energy efficiency (LEED Platinum certification pending) . In the building, 70% of materials are of local origin
  • An ideal geographic location, just a two-minute walk from vibrant Notre-Dame Street and three streets away from downtown
  • A heated outdoor swimming pool for condo owners
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Integrated services and amenities

A lush inner courtyard with art station

Nearby gourmet boutiques and shops

Multipurpose facilities (TV, meetings, leisure)

Gym with sauna, changing rooms and lockers

Dog-washing area

Grounding yoga classes

Outdoor pool

Children's play areas

Bike repair workshop

À-la-carte services and amenities


At Arbora, you can buy or rent your parking space. By renting instead of buying, you can easily dispose of it should you decide to do without a car or rent an extra spot should your needs grow.

Wine cellar

If storing your wine in optimum conditions has always been your dream, you can rent a storage space for your fine wines in the secure cellar, and let time do its work.

Sustainable transportation

At Arbora, sustainable transportation is a key concern. Residents have full access to electric vehicle charging stations, bicycle parking, a car-sharing service and there is a BIXI station nearby.

More à-la-carte services and amenities

Car wash bay

No need to retreat to the suburbs to wash your car yourself. At Arbora, this practical feature is available onsite.

Extra storage

If you wish, you can use a secure room to store your sports equipment (bicycle, skis, golf clubs, etc.) and a personal storage cage in the basement for storing other things.


Discover our spaces and the surroundings

Innovative design

Through the years, wood interiors have appealed to every generation. They can be made even more attractive with wood products designed for today’s condo living, in buildings where architectural vision and sustainable construction go hand in hand.

Moreover, studies have established a link between the presence of visual wood surfaces in a room and the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for physiological stress reactions.


Learn more about the advantages of CLT solid wood

The advantages of a solid CLT wood frame


Made of wood from responsibly managed forests, solid wood is the only building material that is both renewable and recyclable.

Strength and acoustics

Due to their rigidity and dimensional stability, solid wood panels have higher lateral load resistance. CLT solid wood panels also offer good acoustic performance that meets the industry standards.

Thermal insulation and resistance to fire

Wood is seven times more resistant to heat loss than concrete and 500 times more than steel. It therefore takes less energy to heat and cool buildings made of wood. Solid wood panels also have excellent fire resistance, comparable to that of non-combustible materials.

Small environmental footprint

In addition to providing long-term carbon storage, CLT solid wood panels consume less energy, both during the manufacturing process and when they are used on construction sites.

Efficient construction

Because the panels are prefabricated, solid wood frames can be erected quickly and efficiently.

Health and aesthetics

Warm, inviting interiors in harmony with nature: wood soothes the spirit and enhances the look of a room.

Everything there is to know about CLT wood

Arbora is one of the first buildings in Quebec to be built with a solid wood frame of cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels, known for their strength and performance.

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An innovative frame made of solid wood from Quebec